About Us

Caminemos Juntas is a magazine for Spanish-speaking Christian women. It aims to help women in their spiritual life and daily walk with God offering articles, Bible studies and testimonies written especially for the magazine by many different women.

The magazine was first printed in 1990 in Andalucía, Spain, where it is still edited. Nowadays it is also printed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and goes out to 4,000 subscribers around the world every two months.

Here are some quotes from readers:
‘Caminemos Juntas is a unique magazine – thank you for all the themes you include in the magazine.’

‘Your magazine is an excellent publication. I thoroughly enjoy reading the articles whose themes are engaging, topical, and thought-provoking.’

‘I want you to know that the magazine has been a great blessing and help to us in our women’s study groups and own devotions. Thank you.’
Havana, Cuba

How to Subscribe

You can subscribe to the Spanish magazine by phone, fax or email. Please give us your full postal address. If you would like to see the magazine before subscribing, we would be happy to send you a free copy.

The magazine is also produced in CD form for the visually impaired. Let us know if you know someone who would like to receive it.

Contact Us

Address: Caminemos Juntas
Castilla, 63, 3°
41010 Seville
Tel/fax: +34 95 434 22 16
Email: admin@caminemosjuntas.org